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Buck's Busy Bees LLC  

Beekeeping, Honey, Queen Cells, Mated Queens, Nucs 

Job Application 

Beekeeper / Farm 




Looking for employment?

Interested in working for Buck's Busy Bee's? Get in touch with us via the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please submit job applications and resumes to, [email protected]

Employment Needed…. Beekeeper / Farm Hand

(Openings Available)

 Your day-to-day duties may include:

-Building, inspecting or repairing hives

-Introducing a new colony or maintaining an existing one

-Feeding or checking the health of our bees

-Monitoring the size of our colony and amount of honey produced

-Treating our hive and bees to fight disease and pests

-Collecting honey from hives

-Preparing and bottling honey

-Marketing honey and products like beeswax

-Mentoring or training new beekeepers, once experienced

-Grafting, breeding queen bees, smaller starter or ‘nucleus’ bee colonies

-Help maintain farm


-Weeding gardens and flower beds

-Helping with chickens



-These individuals must not be allergic to bees or bee stings.

-Must be able to lift 60lbs repetitively (Honey season is the biggest time)

-Must be able to move to FL during the winter months and MN during summer months. (will provide the employee with a place to stay in Florida)

-Hard working


-Trust worthy

-Team Player

-Positive Person

-Drug Free

-Non Smoking Individual